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About us Therapists
Lasse Brøndsted

Lasse Brøndsted is a trained and authorized Osteopath D.O. M.R.O.DK. and physiotherapist.

Lasse sees the body as a whole and tries to find and treat the cause of the problem. He only uses osteopathy as a treatment method and, for example, acupuncture to relieve symptoms, all depending on the injury.

Wrona Pedersen
Bjarke is a trained physiotherapist and has just completed his Master of Science in Osteopathy in 2020 – however, he is awaiting his authorization and diploma.
Bjarke’s treatment involves finding and understanding various dysfunctions in the body and correcting them through manual therapy. He thus tries to treat the cause of the problem rather than the symptom.

Sara has been a physiotherapy student since 2019 and will complete her education in January 2023.

Sara works with pain-relieving laser treatment and massage of sore or tense muscles. She is always ready to come up with suggestions for home exercises that can supplement your treatment at the clinic.