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Short about Physiotherapy
Do you have problems with headaches or neck tension? Get help from Krop360

Physiotherapy forms the basis of everything that is done at Krop360. Its understanding of the body lies as underlying principles in all types of treatment.

Many people associate physiotherapy with exercise. However, this is not the case with Krop360. Your time with the therapist will primarily go with manual treatment, but you will typically receive an exercise at home, which must support the treatment. For example, if you have loosened your back, you may need to do an activity that keeps your back moving. Or, if you have had your neck treated, you may need to do a strength exercise for the neck. In other words, the training only takes place after the treatment. Krop360’s physiotherapeutic treatment, therefore, does not differ much from osteopathic treatment.

At Krop360, you can also get rehabilitation advice. It often happens that people do exercises that do not have a positive effect. If you doubt whether the exercises benefit your body or lack the tools to come back after an injury, you can benefit from a consultation with Krop360. 

Do you want to know more?

You are very welcome to contact us to hear more about Osteopathy in Valby at Krop360.

You can also read much more about osteopathy at Danish Osteopaths here.