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Short About Cranio-sacral therapy
Cranio-sacral therapy
Do you have problems with headaches or neck tension? Get help from Krop360
What happens in the brain and skull controls everything in the rest of the body, and problems in the skull often mean problems elsewhere. Here you can read more about Craniosacral Therapy at Krop360, what we can treat and how we treat you.
What does Craniosacral Therapy do?

Our skull is made up of 22 small bones. Inside the skull itself, a connective tissue surrounds, protects and divides the brain, and contains blood vessels. There must be movement in both the skull bones and the connective tissue – not much, but it must be there.

If you have hit your head and something has become stuck so that the skull has become a little crooked or immobile, the neck and the rest of the spine must compensate for the lack of movement in the skull. In addition, blood circulation can be affected, and nerves to muscles and organs become irritated.

Craniosacral therapy restores the natural movement and circulation in the skull and removes the cause of many symptoms, which start from there.

At Krop360, the skull is always checked and assessed whether it is relevant to the symptoms you come in with. 

Do you want to know more?

You are very welcome to contact us to hear more about Osteopathy in Valby at Krop360.

You can also read much more about osteopathy at Danish Osteopaths here.